Can bulemia mess up teeth?

Yes. Acid destroys the enamel. This is not limited to bulemics. People who suffer from gerd, acid reflux, show a similar pattern of tooth erosion. This can also be seen in people who consume soda and lemon. Combination with bruxism (grinding), the results can be devastating. It affects front and back teeth alike. People like this may require reconstruction after the acid production has been managed.
Certainly! Gastric acid in vomitus softens and erodes dental enamel, which may cause sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures in food and drinks. There may be decalcification of the teeth, particularly on the lingual, palatal, and posterior occlusal surfaces. Teeth may also become discolored, and caries and gum disease may occur.
Yes. Stpmach acids will erode away the protective enamel layer of teeth.
Yes. The stomach acid that comes up when you barf can dissolve the enamel in your teeth. The effect is cumulative, so an occasional barf, as many of us experience, will not do the deed. Yet one who barfs daily for bulimia can eventually acquire the damage.
Yes. Bulimia, that is vomiting after meals, exposes your tooth enamel to stomach acid which over time will erode and darken your teeth. If you're suffering from body image concerns and are binging and vomiting or cutting yourself, all signs of bulimia, see your pediatrician and get help. Bulimia has many dangerous complications.