Fall at work that MRI confirm disc herniation. Had labral surgery and have back pain and sciatic. Ortho did strait leg which was neg. Spine doc wants to do surgery. Injections failed. Who to believe?

Get another opinion. Whenever experts disagree you owe it to yourself to get another opinion. Make sure you fully discuss the risks and benefits as well as reasonable expectations with your surgeon before proceeding.
Not an easy one. I understand your doubts and fears. Unfortunately, without tapping deeper into your case, it will be impossible to guide you with your next decision. You deserve a thorough look through your history and a comprehensive physical exam with review of labwork and studies done.
Conserv care 1st. Only one in ten disc herniations requires surgery, i certainly would try physical therapy and maybe a cortisone epidural before considering surgery.
Complex issue. There are many other questions that might help guide you to best choices. Sometimes getting an opinion from a specialist who has no vested interest in performing a procedure might help. Neurologists, physiatrists (often they do injections but hopefully that question was answered), and retired spine surgeons might help you find the best answer.