Blind spot in center of vision--went away after few minutes. Should I have called eye doctor?

Probably not. Depends on your age. I would see one to make sure nothing funny going on, especially if you are older or have medical problems. In a young healthy patient, it's usually migraine.
YES. A temporary blind spot can occur for many reasons. In some cases, it is a harbinger of a migraine, but in other cases it can be the result of a small blood clot temporarily blocking an artery in the eye or the brain. It should be reported to your doctor and evaluated immediately in an emergency room as it can sometimes mean a person is at increased risk for a stroke in the immediate future.

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When I take the cover test at my eye doctor I can only read up to the middle part of the line. The rest is in my blind spot. Is this normol.

No.. No. Did you address this with the doctor performing the exam? If not contact them and discuss it your problem.
It. It is important that this finding be carefully evaluated with an ophthalmologist. A test called a visual field will be able to MAP out exactly the limits of your vision. This deficit can then lead to a diagnosis of the problem.

Blind spot in eyes. Hard to fucus and wavy ines on upper eye for 20min. Was in store with very poor flurecent lighting. Should I see a doc.

Wouldn't hurt. If you have blind spots in both eyes, wavy lines in both eyes that goes away after 15-20 minutes, most likely you had a migraine variant or ophthalmic migraine. If the spots are in just one eye, you should make sure an ophthalmologist examines your eye to ensure there is no retinal tear or other pathology. If these symptoms become constant or more frequent, definitely see a doctor.
Yes. In addition inflammatory disease of the brain/central nervous system and/or metabolic diseases can cause these signs and symptoms. You may need to see more than just one physician. You should start now.