Best treatment plan for small cell cancer?

Limited to chest-LD. Or with disease outside-ed? Cornerstone for all treatment is chemotherapy with a platin and Etoposide chemotherapy, and in ld chest xrt, as early as possible. In ld & ed, all responders get brain radiotherapy to prevent brain metastasis. Ed pts sometimes get chest rt then too.
Combo chemo. Combination chemotherapy is the standard therapy, with response after 6-12 weeks predicting median and long term survival. Chest, and cranial radiotherapy are also done.
Discuss with your MD. The treatment would be a combination of chemotherapy in both small cell ca within or outside lung. The 1st of chemo usually is Cisplatin and etoposide. You have to complete the staging work-up prior to therapy. Radiation is sometime used in the localized small cell in the lung, for brain prevention or in selective cases- i.e. Bone fracture etc. Please discuss in detail with your oncologist.