Best medical treatment for wrinkles on my face?

Skin care. Starts with skin care with sunscreen, moisturizers, retin-a, glycolic cleansers, and moves on to fillers, botox, and facial cosmetic surgery. See a facial aesthetic surgeon for evaluation.
Wrinkles. Resurfacing procedures like lasers and chemical peels may help. And injectables like fillers and neurotoxins are another option.
Varies. Depends on location and severity as well as your facial structure. For fine wrinkles retin a (tretinoin) cream can work. For upper third of face Botox or dysport. For mid face dermal fillers such as juvederm, Radiesse or artefill. For wrinkling around the mouth laser resurfacing. For older loose skin, plastic surgery.
Facial wrinkles. At your age you have many choices. You can use "fillers," laser skin treatments, neurotoxins or a surgical procedure. A great deal depends on your condition and expectations. This is a web site that can show you surgical options - So, the best thing to do is seek a formal consultation.
Depends on the depth. If you have fine wrinkles all over the face, you can get a chemical peel or laser facial resurfacing. But if you have deep laugh lines a filer will be an excellent option.