I'm european am I more susceptible to having vascular diseases?

Pad. dont know of increased risk for pad in european people risk factors are diabetes,hypertension,smoking,elevated cholesterol,and family genes.
Vascular risks. Genetics or family history is a risk for vascular disease. However, it's mainly if family members had vascular events, (stroke, limb loss, heart attack, aneurysm). The more compelling risk factors are nicotine addiction, hypertension, high cholesterol/lipids, and diabetes. All of which are treatable. If you smoke, stop. Removing nicotine is the single most important health benefit.
Genetics might count. Most vascular disease is due to atherosclerosis, so conditions like high cholesterol, blood pressure, smoking and diabetes are important. Most of these are due to lifestyle choices - but some diseases do tend to run in families. One example that people of european descent can inherit is a clotting disorder call factor 5 lieden. Look closely at your own family history and personal risk factors.