Anorexia nervosa, excessive exercise, high desire to achieve a goal?

Common triad of. Symptoms. Get help now! Anorexia nervosa kills! Make an appointment with a psychiatrist with experience in treating this disorder. She will likely refer you to a therapist and a nutritionist as the team approach works best.
Clarity of question. Anorexia is the most interesting topic fascinating neuroscientist for centuries it is classified under two heading so new research helps us understands it better in light of anxiety of perfection so it is association with high perfection parenthood with enmeshing of relationship with a parent with control issues many years of study has proven the brain of anorexic has some changes. In orexin.

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I think my daughter has anorexia nervosa, excessive exercise. What do I do?

Anorexia. Anorexia is a complex disease that involve excessive loss of wt (>85% of ideal wt) with either refusal to eat (restrictive) or purging. There are distortions of body image and loss of menstral periods. Excessive exercise might be part of it but there needs to be the other components. What is excessive? The underlying issue may be body image or some ocd. Open dialogue of why is she doing it.
Serious. There is essential criteria to diagnose anorexia nervosa, usually patient can be very thin, they think they are overweight--they have body image distortion-this affect their body systems if doctor diagnose her, therapy is long include social, councelling, nutritional, include hospitalization ask the doctor.