Why are there so many blogs and books about how bad hysterectomy is? I want one.

Only if needed. The anti-hysterectomy movement is in response to a time when many hysterectomies were done with no reason, almost as a form of birth control. Furthermore, the degree of complications and length of recovery time was longer in the past. If you have a good reason for a hysterectomy (cancer, fibroids, endometriosis, etc.), a minimally invasive hysterectomy may be a good option.
Technique important! For years a hysterectomy meant a large incision in the abdomen, hospitalization, and up 6-8 weeks of painful recovery and disability. In addition, many surgeons routinely removed ovaries. In almost all cases, we can now remove the uterus, spare the ovaries (so as not to lose important hormones and to maintain heart protection) and leave no scars, and with special techniques go home same day!
Indications. Hysterectomy can be a wonderful treatment for women when the approach matches the medical need. Unfortunately, hysterectomy has, at times, been over or incorrectly utilized. A patient should never feel rushed to make a major surgical decision. Understand the benefits, risks and alternatives to the surgery and different ways to have a hysterectomy and you will be happy with your choice for you!