What is in drops for dry eyes? Cant I just use visine?

No. Visine is not ideal for chronic use as it contains drugs which constrict the blood vessels on the surface of the eye. Using this drug frequently can cause problems. It is safer to use lubricating drops (artifical tears) which contain no medication. See your eye doctor for other options.
Just lubrication. Visine contains a vasoconstrictor that "gets the red out." the problem is that when that wears off, your eyes are redder than before (rebound vasodilation). Visine is not good to use.
Depends on goal. Dry eye drops contain salts and lubricants to try and mimic natural tears. If you have eye dryness, use drops that describe themselves as tear replacement or lubricating. Don't use drops which say "gets the red out" as these are drying. They should only be used to get the red out for a picture or an interview. Visine has two types: use the bottles with a blue picture. The red picture ones dry.
Eyedrops. Eye drops are essentially a balance salt solution to lubricate the eyes. They contain a lubricating vehicle of various consistency and sometimes a preservative. Visine is ok for occasional use but with frequent use its preservative can cause eye irritation and rebound redness.

Related Questions

How can I help dry eyes? Visine?

Lubricating drops. There are several causes of dry eye and just as many treatments. A good place to start is to use a good lubricating drop. I recommend systane balance. This is an over the counter lubricating drop and is very effective. There are also prescription drops such as restasis, but this is a medication that requires a prescription from your eye doctor.
Dry eye. Your description sounds like dry eye. Initial treatment is frequent artificial tears during the day, ointment at night, warm compresses a few times a day, and omega-3 fatty acid supplements. If no improvement, you should see an eye doctor for further evaluation.

What eyedrops should I use for persistent dry eyes if visine does not work?

Many options. Be sure you are not using a drop labeled "gets the red out" as these are drying. You need a lubricating or tear replacement drop. Good ones for more persistent eye dryness are systane, refresh and theragel but there are many others. Has an ophthalmologist made this diagnosis?
OTC vs Rx. There are many otc moisturizing eyedrops, but if your eyes are chronically dry, you may need to see an ophthalmologist for a thorough exam & possible prescription for something like restasis.
Dry eye. Dry eye is very common. I would try artificial tears frequently during the day, ointment at night, warm compresses 1-2 times a day, and omega-3 fatty acid supplements. If no improvement, see an eye doctor.

What to do if I have itchy and dry eyes. I use pataday and I used visine and systane and warm compresses.?

Allergies. There are many causes of itching, as well as symptoms of dryness. It's important to have a thorough evaluation by your eye doctor to determine the cause (i.e., blepharitis, dry eyes, or allergies) to see what is causing your symptoms. This will determine the proper treatment. Some chronic severe symptoms may require treatment with prescription medicines.