I bit my lip and now it's swelling. How do I get the swelling down?

Biting Habit. Lip, cheek tongue biting is an annoyance that we have to deal with it life. It takes about 10-14 days to totally heal. Avoid doing it is the only cure. When it happens get some crushed ice on it immediately. Take aspirin, advil, or aleve (naproxen) at the time and with meals. Try not to re-bite the area. Avoid alcohol and hard to chew foods. If badly bruised see a dds/md.
Lip Swelling. If the swelling is from biting the lip, and the swelling does not contain much blood, taking anti-inflammatory medicine will help to control the swelling resulting from inflammation. It is best to be on soft diet and to be careful not to bite the same area again, as it is common to catch the swollen lip over and over again.... If the swelling is large, it is best to see a dentist who may drain it.