What is best treatment for senior with blepharitis who has trouble using drops?

Eyelid scrubs. For my patients with blepharitis i recommend a regimen of daily lid scrubs using either liquid cetaphil facial cleanser for gentle skin or ocusoft scrubs(pretreated towelettes) and warm compresses. If the blepharitis is severe then i will prescribe an antibiotic/steroid combination drop or ointment and occasionally an oral antibiotic like periostat (doxycycline). The key treatment is the lid hygiene.
Ointment bacitracin . Seniors who have problems with dexterity should use ocusoft plus to clean lids since this cleaner does not need to be rinsed off with water. Essentially it is a moist toilette. Instead of antibiotic drops, an ointment like Bacitracin can be applied to lids in any position at any time.