What to do about nasal congestion from cat when I come home for breaks?

Cat allergy. You have a cat allergy. If you are coming home and know there will be problem there are a few things to do. First ask parents to be sure your room is clean and cat hair and cat free and cleaned before you get there. Nasalcrom (cromolyn) is a great way to help prevent cat issues...It is over the counter and you can start using it a week before you come home and it will reduce your response.

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My son returns home to Florida from Indiana and immediately starts nasal congestion. We have 2 cats. I have tried Allegra and nasal spray. Help.?

How old. is your child? Is he old enough for allergy testing? If so, identification of environmental triggers will allow the most effective measure, removal of the triggers. In the meantime the most common environmental triggers are pollens, animal dander and dust mites. You can help by using a HEPA Air cleaner in his bedroom and making it as dust and animal free as possible. Read more...