Is it bad for meto use skin lightening creams?

Could be. Here is some suggestion that some creams may increase your risk for skin cancer. They certainly make your skin more vulnerable to sun damage so sunblock should always be used with skin lightened.
Skin lighteners. There area many different skin lighteners available. Have your skin evaluated by a board certified physician who can make the best recommendation for you,

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Can skin lightening creams lighten the skin too much?

Ask Michael Jackson. Yes, they can. We use a 4% hydroquinone at my practice, but a 20% like benoquin (monobenzone) can bleach you forever. Over the counter products are typically ok. Read more...

Risk of mercury in skin lightening creams?

Foreign-made only. Mercury is tightly controlled and virtually absent from cosmetics made in the U.S., but some lightening creams made in other countries do have it. It's illegal to sell mercury-containing products in the states, but people buy them online from foreign retailers, or bring them into the country in their luggage. Never use creams of any kind containing mercury; it's very dangerous. Read more...