Can wisdom teeth cause my lip and face swell and make top teeth hurt?

Infection can. If your gums are infected around your wisdom teeth, all of those symptoms can result. More likely, your lip is not swollen, but numb like when the dentist gives you anesthetic. If this is happening you may have a very serious infection around that wisdom tooth.
Yes, if.... Usually impacted wisdom teeth don't cause much problem besides some pain and shifting of your teeth over time. It should not cause lip/face swelling unless there is an infection occuring in the area etc. So, I would not blame your symptoms on the wisdom-teeth itself. Consult your doc or a dentist. Good luck..
Yes. An infected wisdom tooth could cause facial swelling and the pain could appear in different areas of your mouth.

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Can a wisdom teeth that is in the bone and causing severe pain to the jaw and other teeth, cause your head to hurt? And what should I do?

See your dentist. Definitely, yes. In many cases wisdom teeth should be extracted due to complications associated with the presence of tooth decay. It is a common procedure, generally performed under local anesthesia, intravenous (IV) sedation, or general anesthesia by a specially trained dentist or oral surgeon. Often extracting a wisdom tooth is the best solution. See your dentist for x-ray and evaluation.

I was wanting to know what type of pill I should take my wisdom teeth hurt so bad and my head.?

Ibuprofen. This is the best without a prescription. See your Oral Surgeon ASAP to get these taken care of and get relief. Use your wisdom while you still have the teeth. Good Luck. (you can take 3@ 200 mg. But drink at least 12 - 16 oz. Of fluid with them)
See a dentist ASAP. The tooth pain won't go away without treatment and the infection may spread to your jaw, cheeks, sinus and to other areas of your head and neck. You can use Tylenol (acetaminophen) or NSAID for pain control. See a dentist ASAP for assessment and treatment. Do not delay.
OTC pain meds.... Until you can get an emergency appointment with an oral surgeon.
3 suggestions. 1. Advil/Motrin/Ibuprofen is your best OTC choice. Follow package directions to the letter. Analgesic will take edge off until you can get to Oral Surgeon. 2. Cold compresses may help control swelling until you can get to Oral Surgeon. 3. Call an Oral Surgeon. You can't fix this yourself, and it will not self cure, so do step 3 immediately.
OTC Med/Oral surgeon. OTC meds until you can get them treated. For best results with wisdom teeth, make sure you are evaluated and treated by a board certified oral & maxillofacial surgeon.

I just had my wisdom teeth pulled. I'm taking pain relievers. My head hurts on and off all day now. It feels like it's swelling for a moment then stop?

Take it easy. The first few days after wisdom teeth extraction can be very difficult. Give yourself some time to lay low, relax, and take it easy. If you still have bad problems after 7-10 days, contact your surgeon.
Surgery. You had surgery. It's going to hurt. Your Oral Surgeon Specialist should have given you written post-operative instructions. Follow them to the letter. If discomfort becomes acute, or if level of pain does not begin to diminish within 48-72 hours, call Oral Surgeon for reevaluation.
Be patient. Following wisdom teeth surgery, this will normally disappear after a couple of days, but can occasionally last for up to 7-10 days. If concerned, see your surgeon for post-op appointment.

Got wisdom teeth taken out. One side there is discoloration. Black, red, purple&some green. Other side seems fine. Jaw is on fire hurts to tilt head.?

Discoloration/pain. You had surgery. There will be a healing curve. Not knowing how long ago the surgery was done, or how difficult the extractions were, the best advice I can offer you is: 1. Follow your specialist Oral Surgeon's written instructions to the letter. 2. If you have any questions, or need post surgical support (and it sounds as if you do), call the Surgeon's office.

Hi. Could sore gums around my wisdom teeth and a sore jaw cause a sharp pain in the back left side of my head?

Gum, Jan and head. Pain. You need to see your dentist or your doctor. Nerve pathways and muscles can be very confusing in the pain they generate and a professional will help you sort it out. Peace and good health.
Head pain. Sharp head pains in the back of your head are unlikely to be directly caused by those dental problems. They are more likely to be neuralgia which is an irritable/mildly inflamed superficial nerve in the scalp (occipital neuralgia). This tends to resolve without any treatment. More sustained pain can be due to a pinched occipital nerve where it emanates from the neck vertebra from a spur or disc.
Seek treatment.. Yes, you probably have cellulitis which is an infection of the soft tissue. Best to get it checked. The infection could become very serious quickly.
Not usually. You are describing areas that have different innervation. But as no two people are exactly alike, no two sets of nerves are exactly alike. Your wisdom tooth is telling you you need to see an Oral Surgeon immediately. Once wisdom tooth properly treated, if pains in back of head do not subside see a Neurologist.