Hello, I have been diagnosed with mild arthritis, with acute inflammation my left shoulder. Can I still participate in golf, what is chronic condition?

Yes. Depending on your age, degenerative changes of either the glenohumeral joint or acromioclavicular joint are common. If the joint is acutely inflammed, it may respond to rest, ice and nsaids. An injection may also prove helpful. Once stable, a regimen of pt to strengthen the shoulder girdle may help you maintain your golf game. If not, an MRI and a trip to the orthopaedist are in order.
Arthritis. Yes you can participate in golf or any sport or activity. It all depends on your lever of discomfort, range of motion. Sometimes occupational therapy, or physical therapy may help. Repeat evaluation and reexamination is important. Depending on level of experience of pcp they make advice for injections or send you to ortho. The key is to see doctor and not go by what other friends tell you go bucks.