Does limiting salt intake improve pulmonary hypertension?

It depends. Dependent on the type of pulmonary hypertension, it may or may not affect it. One thing is for certain, if the person has fluid retention as a result of their pulmonary hypertension, then limiting salt intake would be beneficial to limit the edema. Also, if the pulmonary hypertension is a result of left-sided heart failure (systolic or diastolic), limiting salt intake is helpful.
No. Unlike arterial hypertension, there is no correlation between salt intake and pulmonary hypertension.
Yes. It is important to keep a low salt diet. This is not a cure, it is just a way of keeping your heart from going into heart failure and causing peripheral edema.

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Ana 160:1 with u1rnp 5 u/ml. Other lupus screens negative. Pulmonary hypertension, Renal failure reverses with bicarbonate (sodium bicarbonate). Can it be mtcd/sjogren?

Unlikely. None of these would be typical presentations of either MCTD or Sjogren's syndrome. You need a good internist or rheumatologist on your care team to help winnow the possibilities and care for your extant medical problem. Best wishes.

Can pulmonary hypertension be improved by exercising?

Partially. Only if combined with appropriate medications that improve exercise capacity. If you have pulmonary hypertension you should be evaluated by a specialist with experience in this disease who can offer advice on treatment and exercise.
Not usually. It may help with the stamina, but it is unlikely to affect the disease process itself.
PH and Exercise. Exercise in patients with pulmonary hypertension (ph) should be done under the direction of their physician.

Can pulmonary hypertension be improved by adopting a healthy diet

A little. Avoiding excessive salt and avoiding or correcting obesity can help but otherwise I'm not aware of any other diet related interventions that are likely to make much difference.
Yes. Pulmonary hypertension can lead to right heart failure. Having a low salt diet and a fluid restriction is very important to avoid heart failure. Having said that, we do not know of any diet that can cure the disease or change its progression.
PH and Diet. A healthy diet is important whether or not you have pulmonary hypertension (ph). Often patients with ph should observe diets low in sodium (salt) and restrictive of high fluid intake. Please discuss your particular dietary needs with your physician.
Possibly. Healthy diet and lifestyle will help, but not likely to cure the disorder. Read: http://www. Nhlbi. Nih. Gov/health/health-topics/topics/pah/livingwith. Html.

Could cryofibrinogenemia cause shortness of breath and/or mild pulmonary hypertension that increases at times in intensity, improving overall with daily low-dose hydrocortisone?

Sob. It is possible to develop sob because the disease affects the small and midsized blood vessels. Giving a picture resembling pulmonary emboli this can lead to pulmonary hypertension... Low doses of Hydrocortisone may be little helpful.
Theoretically yes. Cryofibrinogenemia increases your risk of arterial and venous clots. Anything that does this, including clotting disorders, can increase your risk for pulmonary hypertension. And because cryofibrinogenemia is associated with inflammation, Hydrocortisone treatment would theoretically decrease inflammation and your risk for pulmonary hypertension.