20 yrs old female 5'7 260 or a little above would it be good for me to get baratric surgery iam solid and tall took steriod asthma spray a lot help?

Yes. It is definitely something to consider. You should be evaluated for diabetes and high cholesterol and all those things should be taken into consideration. Bariatric surgery is very common now and techniques are usually minimally invasive. You could lose a significant amount of weight (>75 pounds) over 1 year or so.
Obesity. Your bmi is 40.7, so you would be in a range that might benefit from bariatric surgery. Inhaled steroids used for asthma aren't generally absorbed past the lungs, & not shown to contribute to weight gain. As with any surgery, there are risks associated with with it, & it will forever change how you eat. If you can loose the weight by diet & excercise, that might be better. Good luck.