Upcoming angiogram for brain. To check for avm or narrowing of vessels. Or fistula. What symptoms would I have for either condition?

Symptoms. The symptoms could be quite varied for an aneursym or avm, but would include headache, changes in vision (spots, blurring, transient loss of vision, etc), in some cases, could even cause seizures, weakness of a limb, affected speech, impaired coordination. It all depends in what portion of the brain the lesion is located.

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Doctor suspects avm or narrowing of vessels in brain from mri. Have upcoming angiogram. Can they be wrong. I'm told this is strictly for exploration.?

Probably correct. Probably correct to do further studies for brain MRI findings. It is for evaluation (not "exploration"), and if there is a problem it may be addressed pro-actively if you agree with their recommendations.
MRI can have. False positive findings. Angiogram good idea. See radiologyinfo. Org to see about the agram.
Possibly. Mris are good screening tests for the avm. The final test is the angiogram. That is because this is a dynamic test, meaning that one can see the flow of the blood in the vessels. This will help with defining the anatomy of the vessels in the abnormality. As to whether an MRI may be wrong in diagnosing an avm, that is possible if the findings on the MRI are not clear.