Does having pulmonary hypertension while pregnant cause complications?

See Cardiology, GYN. Primary pulmonary hypertension is one of the rare conditions that makes specialists in mfm and cardiology say, "don't get pregnant" some studies have shown that around half the women with it die during or shortly after pregnancy. Women should 1) see their heart specialist for regular exams and get records, 2) visit their gynecologists for birth control, 3) ask them to collaborate on care and meds.
Yes. Pregnancy puts a lot of stress of the body of a pregnant woman. Serious conditions like pulmonary hypertension can easily complicate pregnancy and should be followed by your doctor.
Yes. If you are pregnant and discovered the pulmonary HTN during the pregnancy, there are treatments. You must see a highly specialized OB doctor with expertise in maternal-fetal medicine who will coordinate your care with an expert in pulmonary htn. This combination can be very dangerous for both mom and baby. Must see the doctor right away.

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Does pulmonary hypertension cause right atrial enlargement?

PAH. Yes it can. In Pulmonary Hypertension, imagine the right side of the heart as a pump and the pulmonary arteries as a dam. When pulmonary artery pressures keep going up, the blood backs up into the pump (heart) and can affect both chambers of the right side of the heart. The Right Atrium can enlarge and the Right Ventricle can enlarge, become thick, or lose ability to pump properly. . Read more...

Have bilateral pe but not sure what has caused it. I do not have the normal markers. Dvts were not found. My pulmonary hypertension was mild to mod.

Several. Clots can form in heart, arms, pelvis and legs. Must be sure that there were clots in lungs. Work up needs to look for coagulopathic situations. Important to solve, and prevent. Read more...
Malignancy risk? De novo thromboses anywhere if without precipitating cause has to be worked up for hyper coagulable syndromes such as in malignancies. A good work up needed, especially you called it pe with no good source. Is the pulmonary hypertension a result of the clots? What was the pancreatic surgery for? Follow up with your doctor closely for work up. Read more...