Home to treat a uti?

Needs antibiotics. So called "home cures" do not work. Unless you question whether you have to stay home to treat your UTI with medically prescribed antibiotics, then the answer is no, you can go out whilst under treatment.
Boost immunity. Taking a zinc supplement 25-50 mg/day, vitamin D3 10kIU/day, and a good probiotic daily might help solve the problem since they boost immunity and reduce inflammation and pain.
UTI RX AT HOME. You should drink plenty of fluids including cranbury juice and most of the time it will flush out an infection as long the infection is uncomplicated and there is no evidence of stone in the ureter or kidney and the infection seem to be limited to lower urinary tract like bladder or urethra.

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Are there any ways to treat a UTI at home? Without the use of antibiotics?

Not successfully. Antibiotics are needed to treat a true urinary tract infection. These are caused by bacteria and the bacteria must be killed. Home remedies such as cranberry use may make your more comfortable but won’t stop the infection. Read more...

In a remote area and unable to see a doctor until I'm back in Australia. Is there any way I can treat a UTI/help ease symptoms myself? Home in a week.

Uti. If you think its a UTI (frequent urination,burning, foul odor of urine, change in color of urine), then it is better not to delay treatment. Cut down alcohol, spicy foods, caffeine, drink plenty of fluids and urinate frequently and completely, but this won't cure a UTI. You'll need antibiotics. A UTI can spread to kidneys and cause you more problems later so get antibiotics soon. Read more...