My dr. Switched me from Buspar (buspirone) to zoloft, and now I'm experiencing great anxiety again. How long will the Zoloft take to kick in? Is this normal?

3-12 weeks. Zoloft effectiveness for gad (number of people): not at all somewhat moderate high very high overall 6 55 91 74 24 long term (1+ years) 0 16 46 42 18 if it works it can take 3-12 weeks for its unlike lexapro, (escitalopram) zoloft was never fda approved for generalized anxiety.
Few weeks. That's the short answer. If you were less ancious while taking buspar, (buspirone) it must have been stopped for a reason. The increased anxiety you feel could be due to stopping the buspar, (buspirone) or the initial effect of the zoloft, or both. Either way, the zoloft could take a few weeks for it to help your anxiety as the dose is adjusted.