My doctor thinks I'm having a molar pregnancy. I'm not sure if she is correct, any advice?

Second opinion? If in doubt, it never hurts to get a second opinion. Molar pregnancies are diagnosed with history of heavy/irregular painless vaginal bleeding, beta-hcg levels higher than expected for gestational age, ultrasound that shows a uterus without a gestational sac, and no detection of fetal movement or heart tones. Treatment for molar pregnancy is a D&C and monitoring of beta-hcg levels for 1 year.
Molar pregnancy. Once a molar pregnancy is thought likely by a combination of ultrasound and bhcg, a suction D&C should be done immediately. Pathologic review of the uterine contents that are removed is the only way to get a real diagnosis. Most molar pregnancies are discovered before 10 weeks gestation. If you have a question, go to a gyn oncologist for a second opinion.