Recent blood test shows I have a low white blood cell count. All other indicators are normal. What causes this and what do I do to fix it. 45yr, 85kg?

Recheck WBC NO Fixes. I see this all the time in my practice= low WBC (white blood count). It may be normal if you have no other signs/symptoms. What is important is the trend--is your WBC count dropping over time? So my initial advice is to re-check in 1 month (with a WBC differential). Referral to a hematologist is needed if: WBC continues to drop, 'abnormal cells' on differential, low red cells or platelets.
Low WBC. Your low WBC count may or may not be significant, depending on how low it is. Some people have low WBC for a hereditary reason. It could be due to an infection (viral, including hiv, tb, or any severe infection marginalizing wbc), nutritional deficiency (folate, copper, zinc, etc), or bone marrow suppression due to cancer. You should really discuss this with your physician who ordered your test.
Low white cell count. Low white cell count can be from a recent viral infection or influenza.If this is the cause then repeat in few weeks will be normal.The other causes are systemic lupus erythemosis, typhoid fever, malaria, tuberculosis, HIV infection, hodgkins lymphoma and aplastic anemia.And also some drugs including chemo therapy can cause that.If all the indicaters are normal have it repeated and see if it comes up.

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What does it mean if my recent blood test results show that I have a high platelet and white blood cell count?

See a doctor. This can be one of several things. If you are otherwise completely healthy, it may indicate a bone marrow disease called polycythemia vera. If you have medical conditions or are on certain medications, it can indicate inflammation or infection. Please see your doctor or a hematologist to help sort this out. Read more...