Stomache pains, burning sensation, no appetite, sick to stomach after eating, random spells of nausea and I havnt had a solid stool in months any idea?

Definite problem. It is clear firstly that you have a disorder or the gastrointestinal tract. All the symptoms, except perhaps the last one point to the upper GI tract (lower esophagus, stomach, gall bladder, pancreas, duodenum). The loose stools often is a lower GI tract problem (colon) or malabsorption (small intestine). See a GI specialist (or pcp first) and you'll likely first have an upper GI work-up.
Peptic ulcer disease. A good history and physical examination performed by your internist is necessary before treatment. More data is needed about your symptoms to form a list of differential diagnosis, like time of onset, weight changes, having vomit after eating, night symptoms, quality of pain, etc. Worsening of pain after eating suggest an ulcer, while having no solid stools may be from changes on your diet.
Stomach disorder. Your symptoms suggest that you may have gastrointestinal disorder which needs to be diagnosed and treated properly.You should see your md or a gastroenterologist.You have a disorder affecting your upper and lower GI tract.You will need physical exam, blood and stool exam and endo and colonoscopy to find out what is wrong with you.So dont fool around and seek proper medical help.Dont waste time.