What means? Uterus is normal, 2-3 small nabothian cyst on CX, Minimum fluid seen in cervical canal, both ovaries increased stroma and small follicles.

Break it down. The uterus or womb is normal. This means not enlarged and no mass or tumor. A nebothian cyst are small like zits on the surface of the cervix. They are very common and do not represent a disease process to be worried about. Increase in stroma means more than average tissue holding the ovaries together and small follicles is a way of saying that there are no large ovarian cysts present.
Possible PCO. Nabothian cysts are normal in cervix as is some fluid. Increased stroma and multiple small follicles could signify polycystic ovary.
Sounds fairly normal. With your age and complaints, an ultrasound is reasonable to do. Most of those findings sound normal however, or at least not specifically indicating a clear problem. Sometimes increased stroma can be seen in polycystic ovarian syndrome, which does not always have cysts present! in pcos usually more follicles are seen. I am sure your physician will follow up after the test.