My ankle's swollen on the inside & outside, it falls asleep, I can barely move it or walk on it, I got told I have Achilles tendinitis, it's nothealed?

See a physician. Achilles tendinitis will generally cause pain in the back of the ankle where the achilles tendon is palpable, the ankle falling asleep may represent a nerve problem. Swelling inside and outside is too far from the achilles tendon and may represent a different problem such as inflammation/tendinitis of a different tendon, trauma, arthritis, inflammatory disease, infection and rarely a blood clot.
Ankle issues. Achilles tendinitis is usually associated with pain and stiffness. "falling asleep" may be more related to a neuro vascular cause; attention should be paid to your arterial and vascular supply to your ankle, check for a tarsal tunnel syndrome and make sure your lumbar spine has no associated pathology.