What is the best way too clean your plastic retainer?

Cleaning retainers. The best way to clean your orthodontic retainer is with a cleanser designated specifically for that purpose. There are several "over-the-counter" products available, including "retainer-brite" and efferdent cleanser. Another option is simply to brush your retainer with warm water using a toothbrush. On occasion, an antibacterial hand soap is useful, but be sure to wash it well afterwards!
Carefully. Sorry, couldn't resist that very bad joke. Recommend that our patients gently brush retainers, metal and plastic with a soft toothbrush 2x/day (do not use toothpaste as it can scratch the plastic). That will get rid of the bacteria clinging to the outside of the retainers. For microbes that penetrate into the lattice structure of the plastic, use Denture Cleaner 1x/day as per pkg instructions.
Rinse, brush often. You should brush your retainer every time you brush your teeth. You should try to rinse or brush your retainer every time you eat. If there is build up, you could try soaking it in mouthwash or denture cleaners.
Retainer Cleaning. Here are a few simple ways to clean your retainer: 1. Rinse with water and apply friction with your fingers 2. Use your toothbrush, water and paste 3. Purchase a denture cleaning kit, it works perfectly for this.