Recently when I urinate I have a peculiar situation where I get couple of drops of urine again after waiting for about 1-2 minutes. Pls advice?

B vitamins? The most common cause of bright yellow urine is b vitamins. They cause the urine to have a fluorescent yellow color. Normally dark yellow urine is usually from the urine being really concentrated. Try pushing your water intake to dilute it. I don't know if yellow food coloring would get directly into the urine.
Many causes. There are lots of reasons why men have a low libido, or sex drive. They range from psychological issues like stress at the office or relationship issues at home, to hormonal issues or other illnesses to side-effects of medicines. Talk to your doctor about checking your thyroid and testosterone levels and check that list of meds.
Prostate fluid? A common cause of a urethral discharge in men is prostate fluid which comes drips out with straining, especially with straining to push out a hard bowel movement. Avoid constipation by eating high fiber foods and drinking plenty of water. If you don't fit this description, consider seeing your doctor for an exam.
Design flaw! If you were to design a hose you didn't want to leak, you would put the valve at the end. We're not designed that way. Men have the valve up near the bladder, at the top of the tube (urethra). Because of that design, when you stop urinating, it is like putting your finger on the top of a straw full of water. When you relax, the urine in the tube leaks out. Happens to men young and old.