I have high blood pressure, what medications are available for me?

Many. There are many choices for medications if they are needed. Lifestyle modification is the first treatment. These include a low salt diet, weight loss, tobacco cessation and alcohol in moderation. If unsuccessful and depending on the situation medicines may be necessary. See your doctor.
A lot. There are several classes of drugs we use to bring the blood pressure down. If you have certain other medical problems we try to use certain drugs to treat that problem and the pressure too. Otherwise it's a matter of trying one and titrating the dose up to get control or adding more pills from different classes if needed. The average person needs between 2 and 3 meds to control their pressure.
Many. Too many to list but don't forget that low sodium diet, weight loss, exercise and controlling alcohol consumption can have a profound effect on BP as well.

Related Questions

What are the asthma medications available for people with high blood pressure?

Most asthma meds.... ..When used appropriately, are safe for persons with high blood pressure. In fact, uncontrolled asthma may be one of the factors raising it in the first place.
Most are safe. Most, if not all, of the usual medications for asthma are safe in hypertensive patients.

Can you tell me if there are asthma medications available for people with high blood pressure?

Hard to answer. Rescue inhalers by nature of how they work can elevate bp. However, if your BP is controlled with other drugs, there is less likelihood of your asthma drug raising your bp. Controllers (inhaled cortisone) have little absorption into the blood stream so their contribution to elevated BP can be small. Talk it over with your physician but don't take anything without their knowledge.

If you have high blood pressure, do you need to adjust your medication if it's really cold at home and freezing outdoors?

No. The medication dose works regardless of the outside or indoor temperatures.
No. Effectiveness depends on your internal temperature, not the external environment.
Doubtful. Get a home automatic BP cuff and check you BP daily during times of concern. If there are any problems contact your MD.

I have high blood pressure and I am on medication, is it normal for the blood pressure to spike while exercising, especially the bottom number?

Yes. (You shouldn't measure your BP during exercise.) It's normal and healthy for it to rise with physical activity. High blood pressure is defined as an elevation at complete rest when fully relaxed.

If you have high blood pressure, do you need to adjust your medication during a heat wave?

Diuretics and heat. Exposure to extreme heat can be very dangerous. A person exposed to extreme heat who is taking a diuretic should absolutely hold (meaning temporarily discontinue) that medication and immediately consult a physician and try to get cool. Http://emergency. Cdc. Gov/disasters/extremeheat/faq. Asp.
Not really. Take your BP more often and manage! You may dilate up and have a lower BP at rest.

Is having a baby too risky if I have high blood pressure that's still high on medications?

At a higher risk. Hypertension is a chronic disease and has significant health consequences thus recommended to have adequate treatement. High BP during pregnancy poses risks for both mom and baby--fetal growth retardation etc. And higher risks for "pre-eclampsia" etc. Would try as hard as u can and work with your doc to get BP under good/stable level before becoming pregnant. It is hard, but doable. Good luck.

What to do if I have high blood pressure drug: how do you spell sineprill?

Lisinopril. It is a common blood pressure medication known as an Angiotensin Converting Enzyme Inhibitor or ACE Inhibitor. Works at the level of the kidney to decrease blood pressure. Can sometimes cause unexplained cough as a side effect. Also affects kidney function somewhat to need to follow kidney function regulary while on this med. Do not take advil, motril, aleve (naproxen) on this med w/o talk to doctor.