If I ingest salt, can that lessen my high blood pressure?

Potassium can. Sodium salts will worsen high blood pressure. Foods rich in potassium salts seem to improve it. Check out the dash diet.

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I have high blood pressure. I understand that I have to reduce salt. Are there other food or veritable that I can be taking to reduce salt in the body?

Potassium. Not all hbp patients are salt sensitive. If advised to decr salt, don't add salt to food before, during, after cooking. Read labels. No more than 2500mg sodium/day (4 gm salt, a tsp)-lots in prepared foods, condiments. Dash diet. Org-shown to work. High intake of veggies, fruits, grains, lean meat, low fat dairy, allows nuts, a little sweets. Hi in potassium, low in sodium; easy, tasty, healthy.
Avoid prepared foods. Prepared foods generally have lots of sodium. Examples are foods that come in a box (mac & cheese), in a jar (spaghetti sauce), or frozen meals (hungry man). Fast food like mcd's & kfc also have lots of sodium. Fresh fruits and veggies contain zero sodium. Meat, chicken & fish baked or pan-fried at home with a little olive oil, lemon and garlic have zero sodium. Eat more foods with zero sodium!
Food for HTN. Great question: low salt, low saturated fat, low cholesterol, 8 servings of colored fruit and vegetables daily, pomegranates, tomato, kiwi, spinach, kale, low animal protein (4 - 5 oz per day of meat, fish, poultry only). Don't smoke. Drink 3 liters fluid per day. Minimize caffeine. Look up DASH Diet.

Can someone with high blood pressure eat something with distilled vinegar in it? And does distilled vinegar have salt in it?

Salt. Everything has some sodium chloride in it, and hypertensives cannot avoid it altogether. There's little in vinegar in the first place.
Vinegar ok for hi BP. Someone with high blood pressure should be able to eat food containing distilled vinegar, although moderation is important in all things. Distilled vinegar should have only trace amounts of salt.

Dr said I have high blood pressure and I must avoid salt in foods. Besides this, what can I add to my diet to control my blood pressure?

Insuff Info. Many people have high BP when seeing doctor. U R 27, kind of young for Hypertension. How much salt do U take in, what do U eat that is salty? Are UR Kidneys, electrolytes normal. What kind of Doctor was He/She. In any case you usually dont add to diet to lower BP, you remove from diet. I need you to rephrase the question before I can answert. What is it that you R eating that may have too much s.

How can I control my high blood pressure when I crave salt?

Diuretic. A diuretic will lower your blood pressure and help you excrete excess salt. You could also try a salt substitute. Always taste your food before you salt it, and then use the smallest amount you find satisfying.

What to do if I have high blood pressure, should I eat salt free food?

Good start. That would be a great start, low salt diet, cut out alcohol, exercise, weight loss, all good lifestyle changes one can make prior to starting pharmacotherapy. Good luck.
High BP. Optimal Diet for hypertension is called the DASH diet. This is a salt free diet that is dominated by fruit, veggies, whole grains, very lean meats of modest portions, no saturated fat, fish, no fried foods, minimal sugar, minimal bread, minimal muffin, etc and minimal pasta. Fruit and veggies can help lower BP with magnesium and potassium. Achieve ideal weight; don't smoke; exercise twice daily;