What causes retina detachment?

Many things... Trauma, retinal tears, genetic predisposition, prematurity, retinal thinning and lattice formation, any type of intraocular surgery, diabetes and more.
Flashes floater veil. Vitreous separation ; traction on the retina causes retinal tears-causing vitreous floaters ; hazy vision. Laser helps to prevent the tear from progressing to a retinal detachment as fluid flows though untreated tears and the retina falls off the back of your eye-like wallpaper coming off a wall. This causes a veil in your side vision then central vision loss. It is painless.

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What causes retina detachment and when you get surgery, how long for recovery?

Causes. Rhegmatogenous retinal detachments(rd) are caused by a tear in the retina. Serous rd's are caused by fluid leakage under the retina. The rd is repaired by doing a pneumatic retinopexy, a vitrectomy a scleral buckle or a combination of the three. The healing depends on which procedure is performed. The return of vision depends on the length of the detachment prior to repair but may take 6 -12m. Read more...