Pains in the top of my stomach?

Pains top of stomach. Pains in top of stomach if costant need to be evaluated by your doctor.It can be due to gastriis, peptic ulcer disease, gall bladder dosease.So see your doctor to find out what is causing it and get proper treatment.Meanwhile you can try over the counter ranitidine, Prilosec or another acid reducing medicine and bland diet low in fat etc.Good luck.

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I'm about 20 weeks pregnant, I have a wide figure but I'm not big it's my first pregnancy I just have sharp pains on top of my stomach sometimes?

You may be having. false contractions though at 20 weeks that would not be expected to happen. Most likely your sharp pains are related to stretching pain, while your skin is trying to stretch to keep up with the enlarging uterus. Make sure you followup routinely with your prenatal care. Thanks for trusting in HealthTap. Read more...