I rolled my ankle multiple times this weekend playing vball should I see a doctor or am I ok without? Also there is swelling and bruising with pain

Playing volleball. When you play vollyball or any fast game and cause injury to your ankle. Most of the time just putting ice on it and resting it as much as you can is sufficient and it heals with time, yes some time there can be bruising with swelling, and other times the ankle can be so swollen that you can hardly walk and have 1st, 2nd, or thied degree sprain. So nurse it if no better see your doctor.
Sprain. Ice for the ankle sprain 20 min per hour to reduce the swelling. If pain is constant the xrays and physical therapy is a good avenue to pursue.
Yes see a doctor. You need to see a physician as you may need an ankle support or an x-ray. T.
X-rays needed. X-rays are needed to rule out lateral malleolus (ankle) fracture or possible 5th metatarsal base (foot) fracture. Remember "rice" : rest, ice, compression, elevation for immediate treatment. Also physical therapy and proprioception exercises and muscle strengthening for lateral ankle sprains.
Ankle pain. Yes you must see a md, orthopedic surgeon specializing in foot and ankle surgery or sports medicine.
Yes. If you have pain and bruising after an injury you should always consult a doctor to rule out fracture of bone or tear of a tendon or ligament.