24 year old male with consistent blood pressure of 135/80. I am active, eat healthy (low salt)but have a high stress work envi. Should I be concerned?

Pre hypertension. Your blood pressure is not ideal. Would be classified as pre-hypertension. You have a higher chance of developing hypertension. Lifestyle changes such as weight loss, low salt diet, exercise may help. Best to continue to monitor your bp.
Hi BP low Na. 27M from NY asks: BP135/80. active, eat "healthy (low salt)"but high stress work. Should I be concerned? ANS: Yes single best way to predict how long you will live & what % of life you spend with heart problems is to look at your BP. 1st you prob don't eat low Na. Get Fitness Pal app and enter all food for 3 days. Goal <1,500 mg Na. Get this book: ISBN: 0-7434-1007-6. I do 2nd opinions for this.