I have high blood pressure, am I more likely to die of a stroke?

Yes. High blood pressure is a known risk factor for having a stroke. If you have high blood pressure take measures to keep it controlled: loose weight if needed, don't smoke, limit alcohol intake, exercise regularly, eat a healthy diet, and take medications if prescribed. Also be sure to have regular evaluations to detect any other risk factors for stroke you might have.
Risk factor. Stroke is one of the risk you need to worry about. It is important to check the blood pressure at night. Stroke or heart attack happens early in the morning and if you take medications to stabilize BP at night it would be helpful. If your bottom number is high it means your artery is very rigid to relax take mushroom supplements which relax them. Top # is bad oils/oxidative stress - rx antioxidant.

Related Questions

I'm not sure but is high blood pressure going to cause a stroke?

CVA. Stroke is a complication of hypertension. The risk is lowered by controlling the blood pressure to normal. Uncontrolled hypertension carries a significantly increased risk for stroke.

Is there any possibility to restore vision that was lost due to stroke from high blood pressure?

Not that I know of.. In general, if it is due to a central nervous system issue - stroke- currently neuro-regeneration is a futuristic proposition.

Anything eaten tastes sour. Has had a stroke recently and has high blood pressure. 72 years old and takes medication for high blood pressure & stroke?

Dysgeusia. The condition of DYSGEUSIA, meaning change in taste sensation can occur when people have strokes. The patient may also have had a change in their sense of smell since these 2 things often travel together, both in health as well as in disease states. Of course, there are other causes for taste alteration other than stroke such as medication after taste so if things don't get better maybe a look see.

What are symtoms of demetia from high blood pressure and mind strokes?

Dementia. Dementia from any cause including numerous small strokes causes memory loss, disorientation, confusion, change in affect, loss of judgement and impaired relative intellect for educational level.
Varies. Symptoms relate to where the brain damage occurs and this varies in vascular dementi, the kind of dentist caused by strokes. Common symptoms can include trouble understanding and using language, trouble with walking or swallowing, memory problems, depression, delusions (fixed false beliefs) or delirium.

Can a person with high blood pressure 315/100 without medicine for 2 1/2 years have mind strokes and or demetia?

Yes. Hopefully that is not your true blood pressure, I have never seen a BP that high in 15 years' worth of medical practice; the answer to your question is that if you haven't had a stroke, mini or otherwise, so far, you are lucky. You need to get that BP under control and asap.
Yes.. ..And BP that high would tend to lead not only to "mini-strokes" but also to stokes that end your life quickly. If you were lucky enough to only have mini-stokes then multi-infarct dementia would soon follow.
High bo. Elevated blood pressure can predispose to stroke and possible dimentia. Readings of 315 systolic ate somewhat unlikely.
Yes. Yes, both strokes and dementia are likely. However, a consistent elevation in blood pressure to that level is unlikely and somewhat incompatible with life in my opinion!

What determines the stroke volume in one heartbeat? If I get stressed the volume rise and thats why u get high blood pressure right?

Cardiac output. The cardiac output is measured in part by the strength of the heart (ejection fraction), the blood volume in the body, and the heart rate. Blood pressure rises for a variety of reasons and one of them is stress. Others include pain, exercise, and postural changes. Read Arthur Guyton's textbook of Physiology.
Wrong. Your BP goes up when you are stressed because your peripheral resistance (the "tone") of your arteries goes up. In a sick heart that may make the stroke volume go down. If I were you, I would be worried about the STRESS and not your Blood Pressure or its physiology (at age 22)