Is it ok for my newborn to drink water?

Newborns. Newborns should drink breastmilk or formula. Water is not recommended. They have limited stores to maintain their electrolytes and blood sugar, and breastmilk or formula contains the water they need for hydration as they become nutritionally stabilized after birth.

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Do the new born need to drink water?

No. A healthy normal newborn can breastfeed, and usually doesn't need other fluids. (If the new baby seems low in blood sugar or extremely hungry while in the hospital, the nurses might feed some sugar water or some formula temporarily, because the breast milk hasn't started production yet.) If a baby seems to be thirsty, a parent should offer breast milk (or formula). Read more...

HI I was just wondering why a new born baby can't drink water??

Who told you that ? Breast milk or properly prepared formula is the only fluid/nutrition that a baby needs in the first months of life.Water is not necessary but also not toxic. Feeding them water gives them nothing they need and the energy they waste drinking it can ware them down and interfere with needed feeding. An ounce every once in a while to let grandma enjoy the moment is fine, but shouldn't be routine. Read more...