How do I get rid of neck/back pain caused by stress?

Yoga. Yoga is exceptionally well-suited to relieving tension and mobilizing stiff joints and tired muscles. While any exercise, even walking can be helpful, yoga is has been shown to reduce stress, lengthen telomeres, and relieve pain and improve health in a number of ways. Intuitively, one can see how the unusual "postures" involved break the habitual patterns of movement.
Stress headache. Rest, warm bath. Meditation. Do something you like (bike, walk, read). Walking helps unwind your mind.
Depends. The true cause of the neck/back pain needs to be determined. The cause may be arthritis rather than stress and there could be even more serious causes for neck/back pain. See your doctor for neck/back paint that persists, is progressively worsening, or waking you from sleep. Some neck/back pain results from the way you hold your phone, work on your computer, or watch television. Call your md.

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I'm having a really painful back pain from my lower neck up to my waist. Is there any home remedies to get rid Of it or med?

It depends. If it is a very recent problem try Advil or Aleve (naproxen) and apply heat to the area. If it is a longstanding problem have it evaluated. . Read more...
Massage. 20y fem. w. "entire"back painful. No mention trauma/chronicity. Acute pain likely muscle spasm secondary to exercise & should resolve w. rest, heat & massage. If chronic, greater than 2-3 months, medical eval necessary. Absent history of injury w. residual pain, then fibromyalgia a consideration & meds for that condition are available. Eval sooner: headache/fever/radiation pain into extremities. . Read more...

How can I get rid of my neck/shoulder/upper back pain?

Pain management. I would recommend consulting pain management; mass general would be a good option for you. There are several strategies for pain management ranging from medications, acupuncture, physical therapy, chiropractic medicine, relaxation therapy, meditation, exercise, and cognitive behavioral therapy. Read more...