Are there any herbal supplements that can be ingested to treat high blood pressure?

No. Unfortunately, high blood pressure is an extremely common problem and a lot of people desire to be treated "naturally" for it. I see tons of patients that try many different herbs but none has proved to be effective. In one of the studies, pomegranate juice was shown to decrease BP readings, but the reduction was modest if that.
Pomegranate ; garlic. Studies have shown that both pomegranate extract and garlic may help lower blood pressure. It is important to monitor your BP regularly and to consult with your physician before any herbal supplements are taken.
Mushrooms, EFA. Combining mushroom 1000mg either shiitake, reishi or maitake with mixed efa that supply 1500mg monounsaturated fats will normalize bp. If you like powder ultrameal 360 by metagenics will normalize bp.

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If I ingest salt, can that lessen my high blood pressure?

Potassium can. Sodium salts will worsen high blood pressure. Foods rich in potassium salts seem to improve it. Check out the dash diet.

Can I take ranitidine tablets U.S.P. to treat high blood pressure?

No. Ranitidine is a medication to block acid in the stomach, it is not a blood pressure medication.