What is pickwickian syndrome that commonly affects overweight individuals?

Restricts breathing. Obesity hypoventilation syndrome is a condition in which morbidly obese pts have difficulty breathing when lying flat. The weight of their own chest along with their large abdomen pushing up on their diaphragm resticts full expansion of lungs. They then dont get adequate oxygenation at night. Longterm the pts get pulmonary hyper tension and rt sided heart failure, if not treated. Weight loss/cpap.
Low oxygen. The term comes from a character in the charles dickens novel: "the pickwick papers" who seemed to have the disease. Obesity hypoventilation syndrome (ohs) is felt to be the result of poor breathing because of a combination of massive obesity and having deficiencies in the brain's center that drives respiration. As a result oxygen is low, co2 is high and affected individuals are very tired.