Extreme hunger, very dry mouth, sore and very weak muscles in arms and legs and back pain. This has been going on for two weeks and I can't function.

See physician. You need to see a physician to have a complete examination to determine what's going on.
You need to. Be seen by a physician for an exam and labs to figure out and treat you appropriately. Please make an appointment to be seen asap. Hope this helps.

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Sore weak muscles in arms and legs feels crunchy when massaged! Could it be the fascia causing these restrictions?

Possibly. Or it could be the muscle itself. An osteopathic physician (D.O.) can often help with evaluation and treatment, as well as licensed massage therapists. Read more...

Any doctors advice on symptoms spine pain, muscle spasms in ribs, dizziness, breathing probs, muscle weakness, tremors arms/head/legs not constant?

What's under hood? Sounds like your car engine could use a tune up! I'd recommend seeing a primary care physician who can start the process by finding out when each problem began to discover its root cause (if possible). Labs & other studies will likely be needed. Only then, can good advice be given on lifestyle changes or medications that will get you singin' and dancin again! Good luck. Read more...