Abnormal pap came back HPV positive/cin1. Sent for colposcopy. Biopsy came back mild. But new pap is moderate-severe. Now have blood tinged discharge?

In right course... You have been in right course of care and luckily so far you are on safe side. Remember no test including biopsy can bring a 100 % of firm diagnosis as it is supposed to do and every life event including a disease always displays on its pattern of full spectrum; hence it is hard to discern what it may be at the early stage of disease and at the very end, almost anyone can tell what it is. Life!
Go back to doctor. You need to be seen and managed by the gynecologist who did the pap smear. Do this soon. Cancer can be averted with prompt treatment.

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Pap came back hpv+/cin1. Had colposcopy/biopsy. Came back mild. New pap came back mild-severe/cin2. Doc recommends leep next week. Need for worry?

LEEP biopsy. A leep biopsy is the next step. As long as you follow your doctors plan for treatment you will not have much to worry about. Most dysplasias once discovered are removed by a leep. If not a larger biopsy such as a cervical cone biopsy can be performed. Read more...