What is alternative med for anxiety and sleeping other then prescription?

Sleep hygiene. A healthy lifesyle that includes regular exercise, diet with avoidance of caffeine and food close to bedtime, avoidance of alcohol help more than any sleeping meds. Finding out the causes such as worrying or depression. Learn relaxation, work through problems with someone, improve sleep hygiene-eg regular bed and wake times, am lights, pm dim. There are a number of otc meds but be careful.
Many alternatives. Many. You can start with sleep hygiene. 1. Maintain a regular bedtime and awakening time schedule including weekends. Get up about the same time every day, regardless of what time you fell asleep. 2. Establish a regular, relaxing bedtime routine. Relaxing rituals prior to bedtime many include a warm bath or shower, aroma therapy, reading, or listening to soothing music. 3. Sleep in a room that.