Can the vagus nerve be damaged from choking on pill (i have stomach trouble afterwards and pain in chest)?

Choking. It is very doubtful that choking on a pill would damage the vagus nerve. But, it can cause damage to the lining of the esophagus and, i would imagine possibly cause some irritation tot he muscles in your chest or abdomen if you had to strain to get this pill swallowed after your choking episode.

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I have strong pains once in year. It is a spasm. My back hurts I feel the pain in chest and in stomach also. Could it be vagus nerve?

Yes and no. Yes muscle spasm could cause a variety of symptoms to a different part of the body that the only thing they have in common is muscle. No it is not the vagus nerve , the vagus nerve does not affect the skeletal muscle only the visceral muscle. Read more...