What tests would u order for someone whose ocular migraine went from 1 a year to multiple times a month? My neuro did nothing, and I am worried.

CT or MRI. Ocular migraines are a form of migraines that take place in the occipital cortex (part of the brain that interprets/controls vision). They lack the severe headache as common migraines. The symptoms are usually all or mostly visual and are typically described as flashing of light or ziz-zag lights in the vision. Look at triggers, diet (caffeine, chocolate, etoh, etc.)
Ocular migraine. True ocular migraine is rare. One of the symptoms can be brief loss of vision in one eye usually followed with headache. There can be several causes and you should have workup by your family doctor about other illnesses that can cause this. You should also see an eye doctor for a check up.