What are some good and easy ways to lose 25 pounds in 3 mo?

By losing 2lb per wk. A combination of low-calorie diet and exercise can result in such a weight loss. This is best accomplished under supervision of an experienced provider.
Impossible. That goal is not realistic. Good ways to loss weight involve losing no more than 1#/week. No weight loss is easy. You will loss weight by burning more calories than you consume. The best way is to exercise more and eat healthful foods. Any other way is a trick and a fad. Weight loss tricks and fads, at best, can result in short-term results but can cause negative health effects. Think long term.
Diet & exercise. Make sure you exercise at least 90 minutes a day, don't skip meals, avoid soda, juice, dairy, alcohol and fried foods. Eat a healthy well balanced diet! also water, organic vegetable broth, green leafy vegetables, natural pickles, apples are great to fill you up so you dont feel hungry and they are very low in calories.