Vaginal itching after I shower with feminine liquid wash?

Allergy? Consult your doctor to rule out other causes of itching. Consider the possibility of allergy. You may want to consider a different kind of wash. There are many which are neutral pH soaps or oatmeal based soaps. Try a small amount on your skin to see if there any reaction as you may have very sensitive skin.

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Experiencing vaginal itching. Along with clear/ white discharge like on&off Mild case no smell no pain Can I use feminine anti-itch cream for itch?

Yes. Try OTC Monostat Cream. It sounds like a yeast infection. Very common and very annoying. If OTC products don't work, call or see PCP or Gynecologist for rx.

Although I am taking anti fungal tablets my vaginal itching is not totally alright. In the course of 1o days its been 5 days and it still itches me.

Which tablets? Pills for fungus---terbinafine-----are not effective for yeast. Usual yeast pill, fluconazole, is a single dose, sometimes repeated in a week. Yeast is certainly not the only cause of vaginal itch. Fungus is usually not that itchy. So see a GYN or dermatologist. You need to provide precise information about symptoms and about all pills or treatments.

For the past 2 days I've had really bad vaginal itching. I was told to use monistat 7 but it burns/itches 10 times worse when I put it on. Help me.

Use antibacterial. Two causes of itching is monilial infection which is helped by monista cream other common cause is bacterial infection take metronidazole cream for 5 days to get rid of it.