Chances of getting pregnant at 42?

POSSIBLE. You can still get pregnant. Your chances depend on many factors. Discussing this with your physician after a indepth history and physical will give you a better idea of what your chances actually are.
Guarded, but... This is a difficult age (range 39-42) to give numerical estimates because individuals vary so much. Fertility is diminished in all 42 year olds, but some have fair-to-good chances. For others, it is not possible at all. More specifics about your situation leads to more specific answers. Also, consideration of donated oocytes can change the prognosis significantly.

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Hello there! Is there any chance of getting pregnant for 42-old woman on D8 of her 25-26 day cycle? (I've got two children) Thank you!

Possible. Pregnancy is known to have occurred from on any and all days of the cycle. If you had sex within the past 72 hours you may wish to take plan B, or get an IUD, if you do not wish to be pregnant. If you miss your period by 4-5 days, do a home pregnancy test. If the result is negative repeat the test 4-5 days later unless you get a period by then. Use first morning urine and follow the instructions.