Can an ovarian cyst dissolve and be cancerous?

I do not understand. I do not understand what you mean from a cyst getting dissoved!. Yes the cyst can have cancer in it if it is big enough and is multilocular, with internal growth. A ct scan or ultrasound of the ovaries can help to make adistinction between benign versus maligmant ovarian cysts.

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I'm just wondering, if you have symptoms of an ovarian cyst, does that mean it is a cancerous cyst?

No. Most ovarian cysts are benign and you needn't worry. Most ovarian cysts are small and are only felt intermittantly as pain. At your age, the chances of cancer are very small unless you have a strong family history of ovarian and/or breast cancer. Ultrasound are good at detecting the type of cyst you have, so ask your doctor for one if you're worried. Read more...

Can complex fluid filled ovarian cysts become cancerous? Why might there be a bright ring around it on u/s then no ring on f/u u/s? Causing much pain.

Yes it can. Complex cysts can be cancerous depending on their size and rate of growth. A CA125 test can help decide its nature. Ultrasound is a good test to measure increase in size and also may show any solid components inside the cyst. You should get the ultrasound repeated in 3-4 months and have your gynecologist guide you further. You may need surgical removal if it is causing you much pain or increased s. Read more...