Want baby. We have infrequent genital herpes outbreaks. What should we do?

Preventive care... (medication such as valacyclovir) and/or a planned c-section will decrease risk to the baby.
Go ahead. If a mother delivers vaginally during her first genital outbreak, there is ~30% risk the baby could get it and have a terrible illness. If a recurrent outbreak, this drops to ~4% but suppression of outbreaks (meds) or c-section delivery before the membranes are open 4 hours can cancel the risk. Rarely, some women shed herpes without an outbreak and could pass it , baby sick around 2 wks.
GET TREATED. Recurrent outbreaks of herpes can dramatically reduced if you take supressive therapy(valtrex, famvir) getting pregant would not be a problem, but type of delivery needs to be discussed. If no outbreaks are present when you go into labor you probably can deliver vaginally. If a lesion is present in most causes the baby will need to be delivered by c section.