Chest pain that started in the throat?

Chest pain . Chest pain that started in throat can be due to angina, heart attack or reflux of stomach acids .i would strongly urge to see a doctor .
Chest pain. Your pain is atypical. But basing on your risk profile you need work-up. Consult your physician.

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Raisin stuck in throat yesterday. Violent coughing. Now chest pain?

Visit ER or U Care. If the raisin remains stuck for a long time in the respiratory system with no treatment, can cause infection, such as recurrent aspiration pneumonia. This may result in chest pain and wheezing. Visit to ER or Urgent Care is warranted. Read more...

Throat constriction quite painful and chest pain full 10 mins causes please thank u?

Time to call 911? Chest pain may be an emergency. If so, one can call 911 for an ambulance and not try to drive to the ER. An ambulance can provide oxygen and monitoring on the way to the ER. Doctors will rule out heart attack, pneumothorax (collapsed lung), rib cartilage pains (costochondritis), heartburn (gastric reflux), etc. Throat constriction may be an allergic reaction emergency, another reason to call 911. Read more...